Welcome to Te Waka Tuatahi:  Toitū te Mana!  In this Waka, whānau will be introduced to the history of the Māori Land Court, Māori Land tenureship/”Take whenua” including the early Native Land Acts 1860s, Māori Land Administration Act 1900 and other relevant information.

In this space, whānau will focus on the historical context of their whenua and begin their compilation of historical data, current data on their whenua block – for example, the first legal instrument issued on the whenua and much more!  Questions like – ‘how did I get into this piece of whenua?’ along with ‘who were the first owners in this block?’

Nau mai Haere mai rā!

Welcome  to Te Waka Tuarua:  Toitū te Tangata!  In this Waka, whānau will be introduced to the role and functions of the Māori land Court and be able to demonstrate an understanding  of key applications and processes in order to administrate their lands.  Key applications include, Succession Intestate/Testate, Sale/Transfer and vesting of shares, Occupation orders, setting up a Whānau Trust, Ahu Whenua Trust and Māori Reservations including an introduction to Trust Orders/Charters and their legal obligations/responsiblities as a Trustee.

Nau mai Haere mai rā!

Welcome to Te Waka Tuatoru:  Toitū te Whenua!  In this Waka, whānau will be introduced to the substance of their whenua, for example, what is the potential development of their block(s).  Whānau will learn how to utilise simple research tools to obtain key data about their whenua block(s), ie, Soil Potential, Water tables, swamp areas, research and obtain relevant land information from Manaaki Landcare, local council authorities, Tupu (TPK Website) for the purposes of Papakāinga, commercial development and other viable options!

Whānau will also be introduced to Te Puni Kōkiri and other land support entities to help whānau develop their whenua in accordance with whānau dreams and aspirations!

Nau Mai Haere mai rā