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Doneice Mackie


I have been affiliated with Te Waka Pareparea Trust since 2020. I am proud to be part of a team of women that are committed to supporting families to engage with extended whanau and their whenua. The trust & its educators deliver a unique program that is dedicated to navigating the challenges associated with Maori Land and the Maori Land Court process.

Diversity of Experiences

My first contact with one of the Land Navigators occurred five years ago, whilst waiting for assistance in Maori Land Court. On this occasion, the information I sort appeared to be unattainable, & incomprehensible, leaving a feeling of detachment & slightly annoyed with the service provided. I was given the contact details for the Land Navigation program. As a result I have become more confident with presenting our case to a trust & MLC. This course has been life changing for our whanau, our future wellbeing moreover the ongoing care of our whenua. Now days our focus is on development of our whenua as much as understanding our past & future goals as a whanau. “I walk with my back to the future, to ensure I can see the mistakes of the past, therefore securing our future success’

Trained as a social worker & Maori business development with Auckland University. Later in life I return to New Zealand & studied Land Navigation and Kai Oranga.